Asbestos Inspections
If you are unsure about the amount of asbestos in your home, or you need advice on getting it removed, All About Asbestos Removal Perth can arrange to inspect your home, provide you with analysis of your asbestos situation and an action plan on “what to do next”. This plan will include schedule of estimated timing and itemised asbestos removal costs.

Asbestos removal of fences, internal and external wall cladding, ceilings, internal linings for floor and wall tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, eave lining, sheds and roofing
There are several types of asbestos sheeting used commonly in homes around Perth. It can be found in a flat form in internal and external walls and ceilings and in corrugated form – commonly found on roofs, as fences and sometimes as external wall cladding.

Cement bonded asbestos is commonly found in sheet form as grey, corrugated or flat sheets. This material contains a small amount of asbestos encapsulated within cement, which in good condition, does not normally present a health risk. However, if it is broken, drilled, sawn, sanded or scrubbed, fibres are released and become airborne.

All About Asbestos Removal Perth will ensure the safe removal and disposal of any asbestos sheeting, fences, roofing, kitchens, internal asbestos linings of floor and wall tiles. We will organise the disposal of all asbestos to ensure your property is left clean, tidy and asbestos free.

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